I would love to have my hair smell clean and look perfect everyday. But come on, with my thick and curly hair, without a few tricks up my sleeve, this isn’t possible. I only wash my hair once or twice a week. So, lets get to the tricks:

1). Wash hair with clarifying shampoo. The purpose of a clarifying shampoo is to strip the product build up off of your hair.

2).  Either use a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner. Otherwise, your hair may be very tangled!

3).  Find a styling creme or/and a thermal protectant. You don’t need both. My favorites styling cremes are Wired from Rusk, Smooth Sexy Hair, Paul Mitchell Round Trip, and Paul Mitchell Quick Trip. My favorite heat/thermal protectants are Kenra Shine Spray, TIGI S Factor and Argan Oil From Morocco. There are a bunch of great cremes and thermal protectants. Most importantly, use something to protect your hair from the heat. There are a ton of great professional products on the market.

4) Comb through your hair with a comb or paddle brush. This will help detangle your hair and spread the product.

5) Flip your hair upside down. Using a paddle brush, start blow drying your hair to get some of the excess moisture out.

6) Flip your hair back over (facing the right way). Brush your hair again with a paddle brush, and then section into four main sections with clips. Start at the top, make a middle part, and then make another part from ear to ear.  You now have two main sections. Clip those out of the way. In the back of your head, make a vertical section down the middle.  Then take horizontal sections from each of the four sub sections. I usually have about 5 vertical subsections in each subsection. Sometimes, a few more in the back subsections. And sometimes I will have six subsections on one of my front sections and four on the other. Don’t worry about getting exactly the same amound of subsections. A good rule of thumb is to make each subsection about an inch thick. With practice, you will figure this out.

7) Use a round brush. I like round boar brushes. But the metal ones are fine too. Use the round brush to blow dry each sub section until it is dry. If you really have the patience, let each section cool off, before pulling the round brush out. Keep in mind, the hair sets as it is cooling, not heating up.

8) Don’t worry if there are a few fly aways. You can also use a product like After Party from Tigi. It is a light weight product that tames fly aways. It is super light weight and adds a little working flexibility.

9) If your hair is super stubborn and you still see fly aways, you may want to run a curling iron over your hair to smooth down the cuticle. This will make your hair super shiny and give your hair a little added bounce.

10) If you want to use hair spray, KMS and Redken both have really good “FLEXIBLE” hair sprays. Flexible means that after you spray your hair, you can continue to brush through your hair or continue styling. It will not leave white flakes as some of the stronger hold hairsprays do. The last product you may want to try is a shine spray. My absolute all time favorite shine spray is Shining from Rusk.

11) When your hair starts to look oily at the roots, use a dry shampoo. This will eliminate the oil, give you extra volume, and my favorite benefit is that it will give you a few more days before you need to think about washing it again.

Dry shampoo and the shine spray balance one another other out. For oily hair, use the dry shampoo.  Start at the scalp and move towards the ends if needed. For dry looking hair, use the shine spray. Start at the ends.

Feel free to email me or call me with any questions.